Spiders In The Grove by J. A. Redmerski

From International Bestselling Author and Award Winner of The Edge of Never & In The Company of Killers — Jessica Redmerski, comes the most-anticipated

Spiders In The Grove


Izabel and Naeva find themselves right where they wanted to be in Mexico: captured and held in the slave compounds owned by the Ruiz family. But the two are soon separated and forced into very different — but equally dangerous — situations. Izabel spends the next three weeks playing a role she never expected she would get the opportunity to play, but her luck runs out when Naeva’s life hangs in the balance, and only Izabel can save her.

But at a terrible cost.

If Izabel chooses to help Naeva, it will expose a lie she has been carrying on her shoulders since she met Victor Faust. A lie that will not only potentially make everyone in Victor’s Order distrust her going forward, but one that will also blow her carefully constructed cover In Mexico, and get her killed.

Fredrik, still looking for his serial killer, does not have to look long — the killer finds him. And Niklas’s past catches up to him when an old enemy comes back for revenge.

But it will be Victor’s actions that shake up those left in his Order, and ultimately, be its downfall.

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About the Author

J.A. (Jessica Ann) Redmerski is an International Bestselling Author and Award Winner who juggles several different genres. She began self-publishing in 2012, and later with the success of THE EDGE OF NEVER, signed on with Grand Central Publishing/Forever Romance. Her works have so far been translated into twenty languages.

Jessica is a hybrid author who, in addition to working with a traditional publisher, also continues to self-publish. The Portuguese rights to her popular crime and suspense series, In the Company of Killers, have been picked up by one of Brazil’s largest publishers — Suma de Letras; Paikese Kirjastus in Estonia; Ephesus in Turkey; Konyvmolykepzob in Hungary. The series has been optioned for television by William Levy.

Connect with Jessica

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In The Company of Killers & Killing Sarai TV Series Update from JA Redmerski!

I’m so excited to show you all the first stills from the upcoming film, KILLING SARAI, optioned by William Levy! I have to say, William Levy looks like a great Victor Faust, and I’m not sure who the actress is yet, but even without red hair she easily pulls off the ‘Sarai’ look.

This particular scene is in the hotel room with Victor Faust after Sarai sees the video of her friend, Lydia, being tortured by Javier Ruiz.

In addition to me, I encourage you to follow William Levy for future updates on the series as well: |

Lastly, if you haven’t already, you should join the board for to see my visual inspiration as I write each book in the series — be on the lookout for new images because they often give away clues! And as a member of the board, you can also add your own depictions of the characters and story-lines! Just send an email to and request an invite — be sure to include the email address associated with your Pinterest account.

Again, thanks for your patience!